14 August 2013

Finding Peace, Self-Love, Freedom and Purpose:

Finding Peace, Self-Love, Freedom and Purpose: The New Celebration of Life
by Natasha Dao
August 24th 2013
Have you ever wondered or questioned yourself what is the altruistic meaning of life?
The notion of underlining what is really the essence of your own purpose in the role of play on this planet?
The defining magnificent of your one true-self in collective contribution with the dance of many other magnificent dancers?
All in the scope of deliberately creating a better world of living purposefully and abundantly.Each and everyone are magnificent beings with innately gifted talents to behold and to be heard and to be serviced to help others. Sometimes you might undermine or deny yourself of your true and gifted talents.
Denoting your self to be lessor than own-self critical of judgement. At other times, people will see your strengths and weaknesses only in the order to sort and help you to define what they truly are. Essentially as of supporting guidance in helping you to understand without apprehensively seeing the worst side of yourself but to only learn with growing stride to become a better person at your best.
“Where-ever there is our weaknesses, really holds the strengths of our own life lessons to be learned”.With the constant busy and chaotic life that represents us on a daily basis. Many of our lives revolves around the pursuant of merely activating our inner talents and gifts we spiritually behold, but are grudgingly working to live or survive. I believe, we are made more than just to survive on this planet, but really to thrive as a whole universe as‘oneness’.
Being true to yourself in finding the time to have a moment to dull out the so-called ‘noise’ in our crazy life, by meditating and self-reflecting on our given skills and talents of strengths and weaknesses. More so looking from our inner soul to cradle the fine essence of your god given gifts to be greater and do greater for others.
This really stems from allowing yourself to find theinner peace, freedom and self-understanding from a compassionate human being to live a more enriching and purposeful life of many colourful celebrations that life can be enjoyed………all in the greatest moments of your life with Love & gratitude.

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