01 July 2013

Our RA Apps for Android

Dear Residents
As most of us are buzy with our daily lifes....we have gone mobile. Our committee have created an Apps for Android smartphone of our Resident Association Blog.

Though there is nothing to shout about the Apps (design, funtionality..etc) please bear with us as the person who created our Apps is no IT nor a Tech Savy guy.

So to begin scan the QR code to install the Apps. hAPPy appS

Our Apps content
  • Link to our Blog
  • Contact
  • Events
  • Photo
  • Complaint
  • Suggestion
  • Majlis Perbandaran eAduan

As we are using FREE apps , thus it's not available on Google Play search (we need to pay to publish it on Google Play)
We need your feed back to improve our Apps, feel free to comment here or make suggestion on the apps.

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