13 February 2014

Why RA & KRT ?

Some may ask why there is RA & KRT . RA- Persatuan Penduduk Taman Putra Prima Fasa 2A KRT- Kawasan Rukun Tetangga Taman Putra Prima Fasa 2A.

The formation of our RA is as a platform for us to deal with issues/vows of our Taman with relevant authorities.  The committee comprises of Steve Jong, Dr Mahendran, Ong See Kim, Pang Chee Wai, Joseph Lim, Lee Huat Cheong They are the residents who highlight our Taman issues to me when I was the Secretary of KRT. Not the preception of some that we are a group close friends (cronies) . Our committee have no hierarchy and members are equal, the positions just to satisfy Registra of Society.

RA have no intention of being a replacement for KRT and taking over our Taman security was never on our agenda. Also it's also a misconception that "One Country Two Government" theory exist in our Taman  We just coexist with different task and objectives for the betterment of our Taman phase 2A.
We are not funded by residents monie. We managed by sponsorships and membership subscription (Entrance fee rm2 & annual subscription of rm5)

All residents are feel free to join our RA . We will try to our very best and within our abilities to attend to all valid complaints by our residents (not restricted to RA members only)
Any complaints can email us pptpp2a@gmail.com . Fill in complaint form available online in this blog. Whatsapp to 011 2916 2777.  We have our PPTPP2A apps for your convenience.  We too have a Whatsapp chat group named 2A Community for social networking/information sharing/latest development at your fingertips convenient.

Terence Choong
Hon Secretary

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