01 January 2014


Majlis Perbandaran Sepang is now resurfacing Jalan PP 1/3 & Jalan PP 1/4 . Work started today 2nd January 2014

A great way to start 2014 for phase 2A
Residents from Jalan PP 1/3 & Jalan PP 1 / 4 please be advice to park their vehicles off the road during day time

As for residents of Jalan PP 1 / 2 ,
the resurfacing works will be in this year's budget together with Lingkaran Putra Prima (adjacent road next to PP 1 / 2.  Hopefully it will not be another 18 months waiting.

Anyway the committee would like to thank YDP Sayuthi , Councillor M Pulanthiran, Majlis Perbandaran Sepang relevant Jabatan and Bahagian and all parties involved for making this MPS' 2014 present to Taman Putra Prima Fasa 2A Puchong.

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  1. Anonymous1/1/14 23:17

    all main road surface within our Taman Putra Prima, and oso the road link to Taman Tasik Prima need to be touched up very much. Please ensure the quality of the workmanship as well!!!