07 January 2014

2A Community whatsapp group

There is a forum for residents of Tmn Putra Prima Phase 2A via whatsapp.Group name is 2A community. If more than 50 then 2nd group will be made and name 2A community II.....so one and so forth. No worries if more than a group all postings from residents will be inter group share.

The purpose is to keep residents update on the latest development of our Taman.  Also an avenue for residents to share their views at their fingers tips.

Those who are interested to join.  Just whatsapp to 011 2916 2777 stating name and address. 
Name and address will not be reveal and for our records only.
This is a social channel. Anything under the sun can be share here.  But sensitive issues must not be sent here. 

Looking forward to new members.

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