09 July 2018

Recycling Collection Centre

Our Sustainable & Green Committee have taken up a new project. Our Tmn very own Recycling Collection Centre. Most of the material use are recycled material collected. This project a DIY joint effort by Sustainable & Green Committee members.

Materials used :-

1) Recycle canopy frame - Given by Ms HY Chik from Subang Jaya. (We bear the transport cost RM 200 + manpower yo dismantle at site RM 50)

2) Canvas top for Canopy - 
Salvaged GE14 election material - FOC
Cost of screw, adhesive & wiring casing around RM 50.

* A new canopy cost RM 2100, total amount spent RM 300 giving a saving of RM 1,800 *


Frame given by Ms HY Chik from Subang Jaya. This frame cost RM 200 plus RM 50 (labour to dismantle at site) . A new one (c/w canvas) of this size cost RM2100. 

First Layer of canvas , recycle from GE14 election campaign banner.
Second Layer of canvas , recycle from GE14 election campaign banner.
A small section made form buntings as the banner short of 2 ft to completely cover the frame.

A new canvas cost around RM 700, the cost for this are cost of screw, adhesive & wiring casing around RM 50.

Rain harvest gutter compliance, gutter brackets cost rm 10, screw & angle bracket rm 5

Material for recycle bins, timber salvaged from GE 14 election campaigning billboards

Material for recycle bins, materials salvaged from pallets & wooden packing crates. This was collected & delivered to site by our resident Mr CT Tan

The frame.
Reinforced base

The bins base

Work halted due to insufficient materials. Thanks to our resident Mr CT Tan who deliver this material work manage to resume

Back of bin

Back of bin, finish with salvaged banners & buntings

Side finished with salvaged bunting

From this ......

To this, no particular function just for beautification. Material used wiring conduit

When come to door frame, precision measurements required

Door frame installed

Temporarily labeling for segregation

 Door paneling material recycled from damaged card access lane shelter

 Wire-mesh for back panel of door.

Acrylic from damaged shelter panel


For decorative purpose, so that it won't be an eyesore, material recycle floor tiles

 Almost there......

  Finally completed, segregation labeling are temporarily . More bins to be added, used cooking oil & fluorescence/light bulbs

This section for large items.

Completed on 17th July 2018

last update : 17th July 2018

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