04 November 2013

Security Issue

On 24th October 2013,  a house in Jalan PP 1 / 2  was broken into between 2am to 5am. Besides valuable the resident's car was driven away.

I received a call from the resident about a week later  Trying to explain to the resident that security issues are under our KRT and advice to contact Mr Jimmy Chiew. We would not want to intervene into KRT jurisdiction

In a futile  effort in explanation, I agree to try assisting in follow up with Balai Polis Putra Perdana (Tmn Putra Prima)

On 4th Nov , I received a call from IPD Sepang informing that the car was recovered and returned to the owner. 

I made a courtesy call to the resident to clarify the case.  What was thrown at myself was unacceptable. Claiming that car found then called him what if the car haven't found then I will not call him.

To strongly emphasis the following :-

Firstly when we  first enquire the case it was under investigation,  so what is the point of calling when there is no answer yet

Secondly we have tried to assist in follow up only. None of our committee members are attached with PDRM . What you expect us to do. ...hire a private investigator ???

Thirdly our security guards are a preventive measure and not 100% security tight. ...even high security area like banks too fall prey to burglaries and robberies

Fourthly RM30 per month is our security fees and not RM 3000. It's utterly unfair to question why we need to pay security fees and there are still break in. Then pay rm3000 you shall have a security guard protecting your house 24/7 .

Remember KRT or RA committee members are NOT RECEIVING ANY ALLOWANCE . If you think you can do better then by all means join their committee, am sure they will accept you with open arms!

Be fair,  the committee members are residents too of this Taman. 

A reminder to all residents our RA do not collect any security fees and security issues have been always under the jurisdiction of our KRT. We will not entertain anymore security issues in future, after this incident.  Please contact KRT committee.


  1. Anonymous6/11/13 02:02

    Hi, salute all committee members of ur greate job so far. Dun be discourage to continue to serve TPP by just one of tis childish + selfish ppl. Most of the residents here appreciate ur contribution. Dun let those kind of selfish ppl get into committee, elsewise TPP will be havoc(security & maintenance wise). Thanks again to all volunteers.
    ~ regards from PP4

    1. Dear Resident from PP4
      Thank you for your kind words.

  2. Anonymous6/11/13 02:10

    Fourthly RM30 per month is our security fees and not RM 3000. It's utterly unfair to question why we need to pay security fees and there are still break in. Then pay rm3000 you shall have a security guard protecting your house 24/7 .

    HAHAHA, even though u pay 3k per month for a 1-1 houseguard, it doesnt seems 100% secure-proof. What if your guard drive away your car together with your wife!!! HAHAHA
    Be appreciate the volunteers group la frens..

    BTW, as a resident here, I wish TPP committees can fully register/recognise every single Pak Guard that sit in, at least we know who are they, and know how to trace them if they commit crime and get lost? hmmm..

    1. As for security issues, kindly refer to Mr Jimmy Chiew the KRT Chairman.

  3. Terence Choong6/11/13 06:41

    This security issue has been an uphill task for many committees. During my time as the Secretary of KRT, I was in charged of the security issues. In order to tighten the security, there were residents' relatives & friends giving the security guards a hell of a time. There were many cases who refused to register with the guards. Causing inconvience to other residents. They even threaten to harm the guards.

    And of course, of late the security guards are slacking but what can I say.

  4. Anonymous6/11/13 18:40

    Yes its true, but may i know is there any comment guidelines(of federal gov, local gov) that we can follow when this kind of things happen? Can we call the police to help when some outsiders threaten our guards, or refuse to follow our rules? (will b much appreciated if any lawyers, professionals can give advice)

    On d other way, refer to some negative reports on security guards on papers recently, hope our guards are clean n steady..

    1. Yes police can be called to assist when guards are being threatened but they can't take action except when there is physical harm .From the security service provider has been with our Taman since 2010/2011 KRT committee, so far there isn't any incident happened but guarantee for future,