18 September 2013

Mooncake Festival

We are pleased to announce our Resident Association's first event. This is to celebrate Mooncake Festival also known as Mid-Autumn Festival. It's a special occasion for family bonding and especially for children to have fun.

This event will be held on 19th September 2013, (the 15th day of 8th month of Lunar calendar) at 8.30pm in our playground's basketball court. Our Councillor, Mr M Pulanthiran is invited to grace this event.

This event is sponsored by Tadika Kurniamu & Majlis Perbandaran Sepang (Canopy/tables &chairs rental).

Invited guest ~
Mr M Pulanthiran , Ahli Majlis Zon Taman Mas/Taman Putra Prima
Mr Jimmy Chiew, Chairman KRT Tmn Putra Prima Fasa 2A (2012~ )
Mr Sukurmar Lechimanan. Chairman KRT Tmn Putra Prima Fasa 2A (2010/2011)
Mr Subramanian Surunaryan, Chairman KRT Tmn Putra Prima Fasa 2A (2003~2009)

FREE Tanglung (Lantern) for children 12 years & below...(while stock last)
Light Supper will be served.
Mooncake (Non-Halal) will be served.

Data gathering for PETITION for SRK (Cina) in Taman Putra Prima
Resident Association membership recruitment

There is a plot of land reserved for Primary school in Taman Putra Prima, located adjacent to Phase 1A & 1B ( 3.3 acres)

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